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Straight from Heaven…

June 3, 2007
Imagine if something fell from Heaven what will that sound like when it strikes the earth??…hmm…sounds kinda improbable isn’t it??…for the simple reason that we don’t know where exactly this Heaven is….lets suppose it’s up in the sky then??

There’s rain from the sky….and I can’t describe what it sounds like….probably we are still far from describing it in english with one single phrase!….But nevertheless it’s one of the most soothing sounds of nature that you can hear…and right now I am in the process of that!…Countless drops of fresh water….soiled and coloured with all the pollution of the city falling outside my walls….I wonder what exactly I should do to let this feeling stay on for a little longer time??!!….

Rain…Rain… don’t go away….
I want to sleep for some more time,
Rain…Rain…don’t go away….
It’s a beautiful scene to watch things around cleansed by your downpour,
Rain….Rain…don’t go away….
For things look far more beautiful without people around,
Rain…Rain…don’t go away….
I wish….you stay a little longer….it’s nice to see life slow down for sometime,
for, I can smell the aroma of my coffee a little longer
I can smell the beautiful earth’s aroma wafting in the air,
It’s music to my ears when you dance down from up above,
I always wonder…what’s the best possible way to describe you??!!…

And….and…there you go….leaving me alone again,
Maybe you should have stayed a little longer, I wanted to tell you a secret,
I miss you a lot, you don’t even tell me when’s the next time you shall meet me,
What??!!! You say, I am one among the others??!!And you ask, how different am I from others?

Hmm…that’s an interesting question!…I wonder, what do I need to do to prove that I am not like others whom you see everyday?….I wonder, do I really need to do all this??!!…Maybe “others” like me are thinking about something too….but the question is….what’s it that they everybody seems to be thinking of and I ain’t??!!

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