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Disruptive Technologies @ H.O.M.E

June 3, 2007
Disruptive Technologies….probably the better way of describing it as something which changes the way we live either in a good or a bad way. (In this case….technology is presumed to also mean an event/issue or maybe even a consequence…..)

During the evolution of mankind….first it was his power to think! This is what differentiated him from animals…and then there was his discovery of use of Fire…and invention of wheel….and other techniques in warfare starting with a bow and arrow, spear…..Later, there was construction…something unanticipated…for example, the Pyramids of Egypt and other monuments elsewhere across the world. For quite sometime, things went on like this…and then Man had already conquered the seas on his ships and new techniques in warfare…there were swords now!….One fine day, he made Gun Powder. That just changed the very art of warfare…the more the gun powder, the more the destruction! Then there was the Printing Press…this perhaps triggered the Industrial Revolution…then came Steam Engine and the rail roads and airways. Out of nowhere…following the two world wars….Colonialism was gone… and it led to a new world order which just changed the course of our lives in the past 60 years. Then there were Computers and Internet….and now, it’s altogether a different story…which doesn’t seem to have an end or a beginning….which we all are well aware of…..but what I am going to write about is not what’s happening in the world around, but about how these changes around are influencing the disruptive technologies in our own homes and lives…..(It’s just an objective point of view….I really can’t generalise this issue for everyone…[:)]….)

1. After you are born, the first bottle of milk in your mouth triggers a whole new phenomenon which didn’t exist before. It’s just an indication of how life’s gonna be in future…

2. First day at school amidst a whole new bunch of strangers…still can’t forget the first day I had spent in each and every school I studied in….

3. After you realise what studies mean for you….the first report card!….that’s one hell of a thing to watch out for…it’s a brand on your head what you are “believed” to be made of….some schools go as far as making toppers wear “badges” which say that he/she is class 1st!!….that’s so weird when i think about it 10 years later!!!….hehe….

4. This triggers another concept of “Success and Failure”. Why does one need to fail to make someone else succeed??!!…I simply fail to understand this point….why does only one 1st rank need to be given??!!…What is the need to start a race to see who wins it?…I wonder, how would
things have been had they allowed the river to flow peacefully??!!

5. CHOICE….this probably is something which is quite ironic to its meaning. Probably the only act of human where he/she has very little right to do it for themselves….because there are plenty others to do it for you. And then you are told to follow it…because that’s the best thing for you. It does coincide with your opinion sometimes…but still it’s a decision where you would have wished you had more say in it….starting right after 10th!!!….Sometimes I wonder, in what corner of earth has “HEC” (History, Economics, Commerce) group in my own state of AP been thrown into??!!….No one talks about it….I guess some, don’t even know it exists!….And then after 12th….it’s the path for the next 3-4 years which has to be chosen!….Again here, there’s more freedom on the one who has to face the reality’s side….they get lucky too…for their wishes are granted and for others…it’s again decided by others….you should be actually happy. People are reducing your burden of thinking!!!…

6. Society…..This probably has the most devastating effects than any other issue which might influence our lives. It’s like an ocean where a tiny drop of water has no value or meaning unless the drops decides to go along with million others….the drop which refuses to go along with others…is either evaporated or left alone in a far far land during the journey with the other drops kicking it out of their path. It’s both a boon and a curse…for when wind blows in your direction it becomes a boon and when it’s against, it’s a curse! It’s the most astonishing thing which rides millions along the same path…be it in the craze for jobs….software (My god!!!…this one is just too much…..)….globalisation and what not to name a few….Call it the greatest lesson of Management….it’s the best possible example of Chain Marketing or probably it applies to every other type of marketing where your decisions are based on recommendations and also sometimes…replicating what others do!….

7. Ideas….Imagination, Thoughts, thinking out of the box, crazy things which seem to be a misfit…might be termed as some of the synonyms of this disruption. It’s quite a tricky thing too…for an Idea which goes well along with the “current” trend or the emerging trend in the society is well received…and if it isn’t…then either it’s a work of a genius or just a fool who’s wasting time!….People who have great respect in Society and who can influence our decisions come under the category of Genius when something like this is told…and the others…well, they fall into the latter category. Well, I am not sure if Ideas can change the world….but the truth is, “Ideas can’t be destroyed”….even if you keep your mind shut it thinks of million ways to come out of this condition….in the darkest of the alleys, it searches for the faintest possible light….such is the power of thinking….Maybe the only time we should stop thinking is when we are dead!!!….But look at the situation then….Society comes up with a whole new term for it…calling it as “Rebirth” and “life after death” and imagines what’s the path going to be for us from then onwards….

They are all so, interconnected…with one triggering the other…and somewhere in the middle of all this…they get intermingled so badly that it’s so difficult to determine which triggered what!…If you decide to come out of all this web at any stage…then good luck buddy…you are about to face “series of consequences” called L.I.F.E…..

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  1. Akshaya permalink
    June 6, 2007 2:12 pm

    You are vetty at home!!!So many posts. Nice, I see you are on the road of realizations [:)]

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