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Whispering through walls…

June 2, 2007
May 16th, 2007…probably it’s one date which I am not gonna forget for quite a long time. The reason being, I unofficially graduated from college. Now, in college there are always two kinds of people, those who love it…and those who don’t. And then there are others….who neither love or hate college…it’s just another 4 years of their lives….no big deal. And I….I loved it…for everything that it has taught me…and for giving me all the time to think and do what i feel like doing….

Then when I finally landed in my home, things weren’t all rosy to be honest. In another 2 weeks we had to shift to a new apartment, which means that I have to help in packing stuff….given the leisurely pace at which I would love to work, I am supposedly way behind the expectations!!!….hehehe…and what followed next is completely different story. And then finally we landed in a new apartment in one of the posh localities of Bangalore….

The very first thing which my dad told me after coming to a new house is….”We have lived the past two years in some sort of hiding; and now, with so many people around who all work for the same organisation…you are bound to be watched…so, be careful in what you do!”..Fair enough I suppose!….

In the first one week of my stay here…I used to look around and wonder…wow! there are so many buildings and apartments around….and plenty of people too. Quite a different scenario from our tiny house in another locality….anyway, another interesting thing about this new apartment is that….there’s a huge park in front of it….and if i am not wrong, then you can see people jogging/walking right from 5 PM to night 11PM!!!….that’s right….maybe even after 11 PM!!!….of course you get to see only children and families in the evenings and couples after dark…hehe….Looking at so many people doing this routine, I wonder if they are doing it for the health reasons or is it that they feel as if some kind of obligation to utilise an oppurtunity!…whatever maybe the case, it’s nice to see so many people at one place!….

Another day, Mom told me that, someone was enquiring about us!…So, in a way, what dad had been telling me was infact true….everyday i stand near my window and stare at the 7 floor high block trying to figure out if i can spot someone in any of the floors….of course i am not always successful in doing so….But for some strange reason, I can feel plenty of people, watching us behind those closed windows and curtains. And I carry the burden of trying to justify that we are a pretty nice, social newcomers!….of course, I don’t do anything….I just sit at home, watch movies and blog….pretty much the same what i used to do in college….just that, in this phase of life….I…I…

I wonder, if someone is watching me every 10 minutes,
I wonder, if someone is eager enough to get to know the newcomers,
I wonder, if I can hear yet another airplane go high above me in the next 5 minutes,
I wonder, if I will see the same people jogging in the park,
I wonder, if something interesting will happen on any given day,
I wonder, if someone will give me a call which might make my day
I wonder, If I will ever be prepared for the challenges ahead,
I wonder, I wonder, why does time fly by so soon? Why did I graduate so soon?
I wonder, if I have better things ahead,
I wonder, if it’s gonna be as good as my past,
I wonder…why do I just keep wondering almost all the time!….

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