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June 2, 2007
The brand new TV reality show being aired on Star World in India seems to have generated quite a lot of interest….hehehe…I am not too sure of that statement, but what I am sure of is that this is one of the new shows which I don’t miss on TV these days….[:)]… put it in simple terms….the show is about Film-Making.

After screening several applicants and after several rounds during the show, the number is down to final 18. Out of which last week 3 were eliminated. Since, I started watching the show very recently, I would like to write about the recent episode that I had seen in the show. A two hour premiere of the 1 minute short films made by the contestants….they were evaluated by 3 judges comprising, Carrie Fisher (Actress, screen-writer), Gary Marshall (Director, Runaway Bride) and D.J.Caruso (director, Disturbia).

A small investigation from Wikipedia shows that this show hasn’t done well in US…but still it’s captivating enough…the reason. The big prize which the winner is gonna take home….

A 1 Million dollar deal with Dreamwork Motion Pictures!!!!……isn’t that good enough??

Anyway, in those 18 minutes…’s my favourite short film…made by Zach Lipovsky, a Canadian, Special Effects expert….titled…”Danger Zone”….check out the video
something about the movie….A simple concept…which was completed in one single 360 degree shot….Zach says he had to do it 46 times to achieve this level of perfection!….

Check out the show…it’s good enough especial if you love movies…then please do watch it….it’s now down to final 15!…

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