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Life is a Hologram…

June 2, 2007
How many times have most of us wanted to be so many things??!!!….I remember as a child I wanted to be a scientist, and then in school after developing a great interest for History, I wanted to be a Archaeologist…and then when finally I went to High school, Science seemed pretty interesting, so I wanted to be a Doctor….but finally it was decided that I should become an Engineer!….

After having graduated recently from College with an Engineering degree, I come to think about it…phew!…what a journey has it been from a scientist to an Engineer…but wait, the list hasn’t ended. Owing to the multiple exposure of different topics and options…I guess I have a list which will never end. The moment you start thinking about the life ahead….you want to be something. The question is what exactly out of the given choices that you have?

It is not uncommon that your choice is influenced by the extent of money you can earn later, yet I don’t disagree with the fact that some of us don’t bother much about the money factor. They say, you need to look at the global scenario when you think of life ahead. That’s probably what most of us end up doing…because lot of times your decision depends on what the person next to you is doing….this could be anybody…your friend, neighbour, relative, anyone else!!….it’s like a continuous chain which links to almost each and everyone of us and thus moving forward. The ones who don’t want to be a part of this chain….I am worried about the ongoing phenomenon that…..they are looked upon as someone who’s irresponsible towards one’s life..literally an outcast!…..You want proof of such phenomenon??!!….Just look at the sheer number of Engineers and Doctors we have in our country…phew! unbelievable…I wonder if each one of us wanted to be an Engineer or a doctor….or maybe we just ended up being so!

Life….Life is something like a Hologram…it just changes itself depending on the light…which is similar to ideas and multiple things that you learn each day….and also which angle you look at it!…what i mean to say is, before aiming for the top, never forget to look at your will get a fair idea of how much your are competing for!!!….But the question is, Are we ready to look at life as a hologram??!!!….Are we ready for the changes that might spring up??!!….Wants can’t be suppressed for long…if they are, either you feel that it wasn’t the appropriate thing to do, or you are just waiting for the right moment to do it sometime soon….

I wish, if all of us look at this phenomenon from different angles and maybe we can see different things happening which hitherto were thought to be an impossible thing to happen!….Routes to success can be plenty…I think they are….What we need to do is, not imbibe a notion that some routes are bad which will lead to a disaster….because all that matters is the journey and the end goal on the route you take……But what if there is a dead end on some route?!!….Well…well…Life has such endless possibilities…who knows there might be some surprise waiting for you in some corner!!!…..

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