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June 2, 2007
555 became famous as a cigarette brand….666 became famous as the number of Devil….but 777 beats it all….because 07/07/07 is just gonna change the face of history as we have known it for the past 4000 years. This is the date on which the New Seven Wonders will be announced in Lisbon, Portugal. And we have a chance to select the new seven wonders of the world from the remaining 20 candidates…(Pyramids of Gaza, Egypt has been removed from the voting process….since it’s the only remaining monument of the old 7 seven wonders…it has been declared the honorary new 7 wonders candidate )

The last 21 candidates are….

1. Acropolis (Athens)…….
2.Alhambra, Spain
3. Angor Wat (Cambodia)
4. Chichen Itza (mexico)
5. Christ the Redeemer (Rio, brazil)
6. Colosseum (Rome)
7. Easter Island Moais (Chile)
8. Eiffel Tower (Paris)
9. Great Wall (China)
10. Hagia Sophia (Turkey)
11. Kiyomizu Temple (Japan)
12. Kremlin, Red Square (Moscow)
13. Macchu Pichu (Peru)
14. Neuschweistein Castle (Germany)
15. Petra (Jordan)
16. Pyramids of Gaza (Egypt)
17. Statue of Liberty (USA)
18. Stonehenge (England)
19. Sydney Opera House (Australia)
20. Taj Mahal (India)
21. Timbaktu (Africa)

And here’s the final seven which I voted for….
I must confess that as a student when I was back in high school, I had a great interest in History and various civilizations across the world. So, probably my final 7 list has been more or less influenced by my past….anyway, here’s how the list goes….in No Particular Order…..

Acropolis.….I see this monument as the greatest symbol of Greek Civilization and also once the greatest empire of Greeks. True to its attributes of Civilization and Democracy, we owe it quite a lot for the democracy that we are seeing today.

Christ the Redeemer….. Standing on top of the Corcovado mountain overlooking Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this statue strikes me as the numero uno symbol of Brazil. Although a representation of Christ….it’s something more than just a religious statue….it stands for the Love and Welcoming and openess of Brazil to the world…something which I think each one of us should replicate.

Colosseum….Another symbol of the mighty Roman Civilization…this once was a playground where people of Rome used to watch the Gladiators fight!…..A symbol of a by gone era….it deserves all the attention you can give.

Hagia Sophia….To be frank I hadn’t seen this monument anywhere on the net, until I saw the movie Guru….but when I did, I was dumbstruck at its sheer beauty and enormous layout of the whole structure…..A symbol of the Byzantine empire…now, it stands as a monument both for Christians and Muslims….sometimes I wonder, how similar does it look like Taj Mahal….this one too has 4 minarets and a central structure of course both of them stand for different things….a beautiful amalgamation of Islamic and Christian architecture…this has stood the test of time of all the crusades of the medieval ages!

Machu Picchu….All we have now of this place is the ruins of what was once was the prime seat of the Incas. I had read about the Inca’s civilization in High School…but the visual representation of this Mountain and the ruins….I had was again from a movie Motorcycle Diaries…simply amazing!….I always wonder why in India, most of the temples are on top of a mountain….but this one beats it all….there’s actually a city on top of a mountain!!….I guess if ever I got a free world tour this would be my second choice….first being the entire archives of Pyramids…Egyptian civilization and the exhibits in British Museum!…..Please….please vote for it….

Petra……I saw a wall paper long time ago in college which showed an amazing formation of rocks leading to something…..and sometime later…I saw a video song which was shot in the same location….and thanks to Discovery channel…i saw it one day……Phew!…to have that kind of architecture amidst those mountains requires some skill!….and to create a whole city inside the mountain…well, i just don’t have any words for it….this city once served as a pit stop for travellers who were moving across Asia and Europe…..a man made wonder in true sense!…

Taj Mahal….Yep, I voted for this one. Everyone keeps talking about it….people from far away lands…it’s more or less seen as a symbol of India….there’s so much myth and controversy about this monument…some allege that it was once a Shiva’s temple named Tejo Mahal long before Shah Jahan remodelled it….some have serious doubts about the exact date when it was built….whatever the case maybe…I guess I voted for this one….because this is the only chance that we have in our lifetime to make a difference….only chance to make our misconception that Taj Mahal is one of the 7 wonders of the world into reality ( I still remember…how I used to argue that it’s not one officially long time back!)….but to be honest….I guess I voted for this one…because I felt it was a self imposed obligation that I vote for this as an Indian….I hope the A.R.Rahman’s song motivates more people to vote for it… vote for it….to prove what our misconception about it being a wonder of the world is infact true…..hurry up,….last time i heard…it’s got less than 1% of the total votes!!!……

Remember….the voting ends on 7/7/7…that just a month away….[:)]…..


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