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Woh Haseena Zulfon waali!!!….

May 30, 2007
Natália Guimarães ….Phew…phew…phew….I just had one glimpse of her on the final of Miss Universe-2007 and was completely blown away!!…and i wonder…how in hell could she come second!! thought she deserved to be the winner….I am talking about the first runner-up Miss Brazil….

Would have loved to watch the whole show, but then I have no clue I didn’t switch on to “Star World” till the final round…I guess it’s reserved for the Indian Soap on channels like Sun, E and Gemini TV…[:)]…anyway…the final round wasn’t that exciting; and thank God…I didn’t hear any cliched answers like…I wanna do something like Mother Theresa and all other things…it’s nice that these beauty queens talk about great people but then at some point of time, it just looks too artificial…they look as if they would do it if and only if they win the crown…otherwise, they are plenty of other options open for them…(i guess there are plenty of them who follow what they say, but this is one opinion which I have had for quite sometime about them)

And since it was being held in Mexico, i expected to see some anti-US remarks and there I was!!…Miss USA, Rachel Smith was booed so one point of time felt so sorry for her…but it didn’t take long to focus all my attention on this lovely lady from Brazil…even Miss Venezuela and Korea was pretty….but as fate reigned supreme…Miss Japan took the first place…I wonder why??!!….I mean look at this lady…if there had been a popular vote for on the spot decision….then I am so damn sure that Brazil would have won it by a comfortable margin..hehe…..

Anyway, I bow before God…and wonder at the magic of His creation….

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