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Down the Road…

April 17, 2007
This one is the script for the first short film that we were supposed to make…although due to some technical problems we couldn’t make the final 4 minutes film…anyway, here’s how the stroy goes….

Down the Road…

“Dream big….it’s only when you dream big that you have the motivation to achieve something…

A person should always have dreams…..because dreams transform to action & action to reality.”

[The guy opens his eyes & comes out of the room…]

[Looks around for sometime & then stares at the Sun & again looks around]

[He goes and splashes some water on his face…]

“Hi….I am the guy next door and this is my story and maybe one of yours too.”

[Now, he walks down the road looking at his surroundings]

“Everyday I walk down this road, wondering if this is gonna lead me to a new destination.”

[He sees a crossing infront of him.]

“But always there’s this choice to be made. You wanna know what I do day after day? I follow the same route…life’s much simpler that way….as we are told from times unmemorable.”

“The question is what would you do? What would you do to make your life different?”

[He takes the road towards sky and on the way he sees some birds and clouds]

“I wish I could fly like them…I wish I didn’t care about anything & simply sway with the wind. I always wonder what they wanna tell us. But I later figured out there can be so many interpretations that it’s impossible to follow one. If you say it’s all science then so be it…but what if they tell us something. You can never be sure.”

[He sees the time & later the mobile phone. There are no calls.]

[He looks at the clock tower now.]

“That clock always reminds me a question someone asked me.

What’s the most exciting thing that you wished never happened? And I said, “I wish there was no such thing as time; I wish there was no such thing as a clock ticking away. It does bring some exciting moments with every second, but why do you wanna get past the time so beautiful; a life so beautiful.”. “

[He walks to sky and orders something….this is the first time the protagonist says his first dialogue]

“Pappu….ek maggi aur ek double chai.”

[He goes and sits in the lawns and looks at his mobile….again he talking in his head]

[He’s looking at a group of people who are laughing and chatting.]

“Why do I feel all alone in this huge group?

I feel all alone….

I was one among them sometime back, but what is it now? What am I even thinking???”

[He closes his eyes and there’s a dream sequence]

[Two people are sitting beside him and they alone talk; the main protagonist is sitting silent all the time.]

“You ask yourself too many questions my son. Be silent, ask yourself no questions and you will see how different things can be.”

[He is still silent]

“Did you understand what we are trying to tell you? Why don’t you talk? You have barely talked in the past few years with us. You have changed a lot. We never expected to see you in this state.”

[They go on and on with their thing….and in this scene some 4 more people enter the scene]

“You should listen to your parents. They care so much about you. They know what’s good for you.”

[Now the 2 member group starts speaking.]

“See…how many people are talking about you. They all care so much about you.”

[He’s still silent…now everyone starts shouting at him]

“What’s wrong with you? You think you can lead your whole life in a dream. Stop dreaming….start living in reality. Dreams are never true…they can never become true. Stop what you are doing…stop what you are trying to do…stop…”

[Suddenly the protagonist shouts…]

“Stop it…all of you. Let me ask you something since you seem to care so much about me.”

[All others stare at each other]

“What do you expect from me? What do you want me to do?”

[The 2 member group speaks now.]

“You are out of your mind. How can you ask such a question?”

“You are not answering my question.”

“That’s for you to decide… we don’t expect anything from you.”

[Saying this…they disappear]

“You…what do you want me to do?”

[They all stare at each other & they also disappear.]

“Where are you going? Answer my question….what do you want me to do? What do you want?”

[The protagonist opens his eyes…he sees the time and his mobile]

“Ah…the food is here.”

[He simply eats the food and walks away to his room.]

[He’s kinda feels elated…jumps and kicks his legs….Singing…goes away.]

[Final Voice over…]

“I had thought….that’s there’s no end to this … this life which doesn’t seem to change at all. I donno…I somehow seem to have an yearning to hear my mobile ring…every time I hear it ringing, I see that as someone acknowledging my existence in some part of the world. I feel happy that someone is thinking about me….but I wait….I wait…maybe too long.

We all wait for something to happen which would make our life interesting, but nothing happens & it’s the same story all over again. I don’t know if I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Even if I do…I wonder if I would recognize it. But if you do, the question is….what would you do? What would you do?”

***** THE END*****

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