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10 reasons why you should stay awake all night…..

April 16, 2007
Here’s my list of 10 reasons why you should wake up all night atleast when you are in campus….[:)]

  1. You have all the time in the world for yourself.
  2. You can surprise yourself with the amount of thoughts that your brain will generate in this hour
  3. Enjoy unbelievable speed on the net
  4. Watch movies….chat a lot…read a lot…..and yeah of course for some…ghot a lot
  5. Enjoy the silence of the night….there are very few things which come as close to be pleasant as this.
  6. walk out of the campus for a chai with some ppl and put latcha about every damn thing possible
  7. Watch the sky being spilled with the rays of a distant sun
  8. watch the moon fighting its best to maintain its existence, but eventually losing out to the might of the sun
  9. Watch the sky turn red with the rising sun
  10. Finally….you can see some of your wingies wake up the next morning and wonder what has he been doing all night….little do they know what they have been missing….of course…they never bother to look into the other side of the mirror…hehehe…
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