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April 15, 2007
He woke up from a dream that there’s plenty of food around. Little did he know that not everyone can afford it. He smiled at the Sun which was just getting ready to stretch its arms. The same scenes of people jogging…of dogs barking…of parents carefully dropping their kids in school…everything that he knew, everything that he had known all his life…it was the same everyday. He went to the tea stall and asked how much should he pay for one plate of Dosa…and was heart broken when he knew that he couldn’t afford it. He needed to get some money….somehow…no matter what way he chose to follow…he needed to get money. He was too proud to beg from someone, although the whole world branded him…saw him…as a begger. He knew he was good at painting…but couldn’t afford to buy brushes. Somehow managed to pick up some small pieces of left over pencils from the dustbin of a stationary and before he could choose many…the owner of the store drove him away.

He sat down to draw and after sometime, he thought he amused himself. He was pleased to know that he was quite capable of creating such a thing. He displayed it on the road for the public to see his work…but none would spot him on the road. It was as if he never existed…although his form is quite visible..blame it on his shabby clothes. He could see the day pass by way too quickly…he had to do something to get noticed. He shouted…he pleaded….he begged people to see his work. Finally a gentleman was kind enough to stop by and see the work…
“Did you really do all this stuff?”…
“Yes Sir. I did…”
“Are you planning to sell them?”
“Well, if you quote a good price…then definitely yes.”…
“Hehehehe….I don’t think you are a man who would wait for a good price.”
“Ah…prejudice!..I might have dressed badly, but that’s not who I am…See me in what I do…see me in my work…and not in these clothes…they mean nothing!”
“Well I think…I will come back later to buy them.”

The gentleman said this after he was rebutted….There, he could see, his only hope of buying a dosa fading away…he could see one more night of starvation ahead of him…he went back to the stall and asked him if he could eat for the day and payback later. He got thrown away.

He couldn’t take it anymore…he cried. “Why does the world think I am capable of doing anything? Am I not one of them? Am I not like them??…” he thought…and he kept thinking. What he didn’t know was, there’s always a sunrise….there’s always a curve down the road which will change the path. He slept for the day…and to his surprise he didn’t feel the hunger anymore. The next morning, he woke up and again the same things. Just that, today everything seemed in a very different manner….because the thought of him being hungry ceased to exist in his mind. He decided that he should be on a quest to change things all by himself….while he was walking down the same old route by the side of the park, the gentleman who had promised to buy the paintings stopped him and asked,
“Young man..I want to see your art again…I wanna buy them this time.”
“What art?? what buying? Who are you? Stop bothering me…go away.”

The gentleman was shocked…he had just seen the affect of indifference….he had just seen what can a man do, when he’s hungry….he won’t die of hunger…he would not stop fighting until the day when he shall no more be hungry….but then he wondered whether that day would be possible??!! because there are just too many things to be hungry about…Justify Full

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