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Movie Mania….

April 12, 2007

There are few people around us, who call themselves as aficionados…about music, games…MOVIES etc…and i can comfortably put myself into the movies category. Thanks to the presence of hundreds like me on campus, there’s never a shortage of cinema and the more encouraging of all this is that…no longer do we amuse ourselves by watching Regional and English movies…we are kind of exposed to world cinema as well. In campus, a general observation is that people like Korean movies and other languages…i don’t think they would take that risk, unless someone recommends it. But there are always those who don’t wait for others…they just do it in case of cinema. and maybe i am one of them too…

Once, a friend of mine asked me how can you watch all these foreign movies where you have to carefully follow the subtitles; once you skip a dialouge or don’t follow something…everything else doesn’t make any sense? Well she did have a point there…and i came up with an analogy, i don’t know if it was silly..but this is what i had to say, “For me, Cinema is like an ice-cream…if you like ice-cream…you just really don’t care about what flavour it is….of course over a period of time…you start categorising which flavour you like more….so, language is never a problem as long as the basic storyline is good.”

Another time, while chatting with another friend, i said these words, “Cinema or movies….is of three types….
1) Movies which you can watch with friends on one of those hangout days with popcorn and cola in your hand.
2) Movies which you have always wanted to watch.
3) Movies which your friends or someone else recommends you to watch because they thought it was good.

Anyway, I guess in these last 30 days of my glorious college days, i hope i can as many movies as possible…don’t really care about all that scientific stuff that…you will strain your eyes…and also what few might say that…watching too much stuff will make you go crazy…because I tell you what….believe me i am not wasting any time….this is also a hobby too…like playing cricket, reading books, collecting stamps….I love what i am doing….i don’t see a reason why i should give it up at all in first place….

I love watching movies…because it’s such a powerful medium to interact with the audience….it’s one place where your dreams come alive…having said all this, give me one good reason why people should not watch movies??!!!

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