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L’ Appartement (1996)

April 12, 2007

I had read about this movie while reading about Monica Bellucci a couple of years ago. And I got lucky this semester…found this movie on DC++ last month. Finally saw this 1996, French movie last night. Here’s my review or should i say what i liked in this movie….since i rate it as the second best French movie I have seen till now…topping that chart is another movie named ” Amelie”.

A romantic, thriller and a good amount of suspense…that’s how i would classify this movie. The story revolves around 4 characters, whose lives are intermingled with each other. The film opens with a scene where Max is buying a wedding ring for his Fiance who’s gonna marry him in sometime. Then on his way out, he meets his buddy Lucien who has been out of touch for quite sometime now. After their conversation, Max goes to a restaurant where he has a deal with couple of Japanese and we come to know that Max is on his way to Tokyo that same night. But before leaving that place, Max sees Lisa (Monica Bellucci), his estranged girl-friend and tries to follow her and finally gets to know where she lives. Finally the next day he goes inside her house to surprise her when she comes home….but to his surprise he comes to know that he has been following the worng woman…Alice….and then their lives are not the same again….

Revealing the story further would be a total injustice to this splendid story…more than that…the brilliance of story-telling. The film doesn’t follow a particular chronology, but whatever chronology that we see in the film leaves a deeper impact. I don’t think if the scenes were arranged in a proper sequence, it would have made a mark. Editing is very nice and also the transition of one scene from another. Acting is nice…since each character brings out the emotions of what they are going through…be it a person who’s trying to find his lost love; a person who’s trying to fall in love; a woman who doesn’t really understand whom she loves the most and the other woman…personally i felt this one was the best….the one who’s desperately waiting for the person whom she is in love with, but when he’s finally with her she doesn’t tell him the truth….untill one day where their lives and dreams are shattered and they move on.

This is a story of fate….of how fate determines the turn of events. It is also a story of, how far can you go to get the person you love. With a rather unexpected ending, where I still wonder couldn’t it have been otherwise…but later i tell myself that’s how life is. You really cannot do much about it…just going with the flow expecting that it would all end well…as it is supposed to be. Please do watch this movie….you will enjoy it….if not anything, guys, you can drool over Monica Bellucci…she looks so babe in the movie!!!!

To put it one sentence…” It is a Jig-saw puzzle which is beautiful even though, it’s not set in a proper sequence. Because that’s life.”

Verdict: MUST WATCH……

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