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It’s all about the Resume….

April 12, 2007

The other day, i was walking with a friend of mine and came across this bunch of guys who were having, one of those discussions over a cup of tea…and what i heard made me think for sometime. I remember, when i was sitting in the same place some 3 years ago, the discussion would go no further than who’s the hottie on campus, nice gossip, who’s hooking up with whom…you know one of those things which would light up your mood over a cup of chai…

But something has changed or maybe i have been blind to the change that’s been taking place. Maybe this is not a universal thing…maybe there are still some people who have discussion like we used to have some time back….but invariably, every discussion these days should atleast have some topic of how the academics are going on…and friends meticulously guaging the number of problems that they have done from different books…(sometimes even sending the other chap into a frenzy when he realises that his counter-part has studied more than him)….and how pathetic or how wonderful the classes are going on…and most surprising of all the things….is one chap saying to another chap…dude, lets write a business plan…it would look good on the resume!!!….

Then i realised…that’s the whole point…that’s the whole point why we study for those 4 years…just 4-5 lines in your resume which would show that you have done something…or atleast pretend to have done something. For a moment, I thought if we could do something without considering that it would look good on the resume…I didn’t have an answer immediately; but I am sure there is one…that’s why i am still searching for one.

By the way, I seriously had no clue how to explain this thing about placements to a curious first yearite….after giving him a glimpse of how it is in psenti-sem…i wondered why he was asking me in the first place..that too in his first year….true that 4 years are actually too short in this place provided once you get used to its style of living…But i wonder what that chap could be doing now…maybe start doing all that quant and DI…and also vow to make 10’s every sem…you never know…!!!

afterall, whatever we do….has to do something with making your resume more attractive!!

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  1. Akshaya permalink
    April 13, 2007 4:41 pm

    You have made a good point!

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