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Animal Farm…

April 12, 2007

The last time I read a book was I guess 7 months ago; this book named “Kite Runner”….a brilliant work portraying the coming of age of two friends under the cultural impact and later the terror of Taliban in Afghanistan…and today, something struck me and I sat down to read again properly without any disturbance. And it was “Animal Farm” by George Orwell…

I was actually glad that i was reading a book which was not more than 100 pages long…so, would complete it in 2 days or so…and given the reputation this book has in the literary circles, I thought it would be something which would advocate strong philosophy or the point of view of the author…
But it turned out to be quite a thing after i read it…took me around 3 hours to read the book, i still can’t believe why i wasn’t watching a movie or playing songs while reading it.

Thanks to the writing style of the author, there is not much to be pondered upon while reading the book. Of course, it’s highly political and a very subtle current passes althrough out the story about the world politics during world war…but it’s never said so. The kind of langauge that the author uses is what baffled me the most…quite simple to understand and contemplate and even the pace at which the story moves is good enough to keep you engrossed till you finish the book…quite inspiring actually for all those who want to write some good stories. I mean, this is a good example of how to keep things simple, yet drive home the point.

Revealing about the story wouldn’t make much of a sense…b’coz it’s clear that, it’s not the point at all. it’s the satire that one must understand and brood over. In a nutshell, the story could be described as Power is what distinguishes the mediocre and those who have it… Orwell puts it, “All Men are born Equal, but some men are more equal than others”.

Highly recommended…

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