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The Others-1

April 5, 2007

I am back…i guess there are no better words to describe my long absence on my blog…hehehe…i am putting down this story that i wrote some days ago…hope you will enjoy this one…please do….leave your comments and suggestions


DISCLAIMER: All Characters in this story are fictional; any resemblence to a character living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional….

Also, some part of this story is influenced from one of my favourite movies, “Iruvar” by Mani Ratnam….so, the movie plot that you will subsequently read here is my tribute to that movie; although some things have been altered to suit the present story….this is to convey the message that there is no plagarism and i would let the story speak for itself….hope you will like this one…



– Hemanth Kumar

What is it you ask from God every time you pray? Health, Wealth, Peace??!!!….to be honest, I don’t want all that…and I really don’t know what I should ask Him every time; but somehow I am left with this empty feeling that my prayers have been missing that special element which would make all the difference.

I walked out of the temple that day with the same old feeling and this time I had decided to come with a proper request that I would pray for, next time.

“Ah…here you are. I have been looking all over for you. Come here and help me out in the kitchen.” My mom was telling me as soon as I stepped in my house.

“Come on Ma… I don’t have time for that, remember, I told you that I wanted to go to this movie with my friends.” Saying so, I rushed out of my house. Actually I did have time to help her out, but was too lazy to do the daily chores…

“Macha…you got all the tickets kya? We are total 11 in number.” We started looking around and saw that Raja was missing from the group.

“Shit man!!!…this bugger ditched us this time too. Asshole, he must be hanging around with his new set of friends…” some of my friends were bitching about Raja.

“Yeah dude…why wouldn’t he??…these days he’s surrounded by chicks almost all the time.” Right at this moment, Raja walked in with some group of gals and few guys. He waved at us when he saw us in the cinema hall.

“Ah…brilliant. Just in time…sorry da, couldn’t help it; those gals wanted to come along at the last moment, so couldn’t say no to them.” We were literally growling at him.

“Anyway, I shall catch you guys later…seeya.” Saying so, he went away along with his gals.

“Did you see that??…I am telling you something is wrong with him…well, maybe I should say something is different about him now. He behaves as if he has got this halo around him! Macha…I really don’t understand why he is putting some much weight around these days…” these were some of the quick murmurs I heard as soon as he left us.

“Leave all that da…maybe he’s not doing that after all. We are just thinking too much about it. We don’t see him around that much, these days, that’s it! Now since when did that become equivalent to avoiding us?” I started saying. But, something was not right with what I said. I realized that maybe I was trying too much in defending him…too much actually.

“Phew…lets get inside, the movie is gonna start in sometime, we shouldn’t miss the beginning.” And the movie began.

There is something wrong! Don’t you people realize that? We don’t have the rights the same way as people in other part of the country have. What should we do? What should we do?”

The people who had been listening to their leader talking all this while, started shouting in unison, “Revolution!!!”

“Yes… that’s it…we need another revolution. A revolution which would make our point very clear…a revolution which would make our voices heard in the capital. I can see that happening already. I can see that happening right here. In your eyes…I can see that revolution. Now, tell me, are you with me in this revolution?”

He was expecting a reply but he was amused to see all the people running towards a convoy of cars which had come just then.

“Please make way…please make way.” The supporters of actor Kumar were screaming at the hordes of people who wanted to catch a glimpse of their favourite actor.

“Ah…how blessed are we to have your presence here. “

“My dear people…this is a great day for all of us. God has answered our prayers and he has sent his messenger to finish the task that we wanna do. I present before you the man who’s gonna be our face for the revolution…Filmstar Kumar”

There was uproar all around…a different kind of uproar which Kumar had never seen. He could see the people go on rampage just to hear his voice and catch his glimpse. The whistles were gone now. He could see their eyes filled with hope that life would change. And they placed their hope on this newly proclaimed messiah…

“What I see here today overwhelms me. For the first time I can see a wave so big that it has the power to become a tsunami. Not the one which kills people….the one which has the zeal to unleash its power and those who don’t yield to its power would get washed away. This should send out a warning to all those who neglect us! Let there no longer be darkness in our lives…let there no longer be sorrow in our lives…are you with me in this quest??”

“Yes….Yes….Yes”….that was all what everyone could hear.

“To the revolution!!!” Saying so, all the people on the dais stood up holding their hands in air together….and there were claps around….claps….

“Macha…pass me that coke na” “…dude you want some??”

Mr. Kumar is leading the election by more than a lakh votes…there was an announcement in the counting centre.

“What are the results from other places?” Reddy asked his commander-in chief, Naidu.

“Everything is going as planned Reddy garu. We are leading in most other places. Clearly we will have a majority to form the government.” Naidu explained to his party-head Reddy.


By the end of the day, the results were out and there was celebration in Reddy’s camp. They had won by a huge margin. But one room in the office was filled with all the silence in the world. A silence whose outcome would shatter someone’s dream…a dream which drove him to achieve what some people thought was impossible.

“What do you say? Both of you are like two eyes for me. I can’t really say which one is more favourite. But we can’t sit silent all day. Someone has to be ready to come second.”

Naidu looked into the eyes of Kumar. And both of them smiled at each other…it was not a gesture, but a compliment that neither of them had anticipated that they would have to make such a decision.

“It’s upto you Reddy garu…whatever you say.” Both of them had reached to this conclusion.

“You have again put me in a fix. Hehehe….I would have never dreamt of anyone other than Naidu to be my successor; but we have changed our course in this election. We went by a new strategy named Kumar this time. There’s no doubt that your star power helped us win this time. You are the face of our revolution…of everything we wanted to be. “

But Naidu couldn’t stop what was going in his mind to come out of his mouth.

“But I worked so hard for all this…all these years.”

“I understand all that Naidu….but you have to understand one thing, if we don’t declare that it’s Kumar who’s gonna be the next CM then we might lose the people’s support. It might destroy everything that we fought for. You will be the Home Minister…always the most trustworthy person around. What say??”

Naidu couldn’t refute Reddy’s claim. And he smiled in meek submission. And there it was…Kumar was declared the new leader.

Things which were not supposed to be forgotten were lost. Those we wanted to build an empire got crushed under the weight of the new dreams. No one realized how strong the pillars were nowadays. Kumar’s popularity soared and everything that Naidu dreamt to be, he found it in Kumar. He was almost there, but maybe he wasn’t destined to be “The One”…he just remained one among “The others”.

“Macha…I shall see you tomorrow da…don’t forget we have that class tomorrow.” I bid my friends good-bye for the day and went home.

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