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September 19, 2006

There is perhaps no other process like “Interpretation” which can influence a society or country. What we are seeing in the past few years in the world around us is the consequences of the “interpretation” of an incident. One group which i would say largerly responsible for this process is the Media…..these are the people who interpret the incident or news in the so called “best interest” of the people, without a single clue that the people that they are blaming are also watching the channel….for example take the example of the American Media. Long ago they termed the word “terrorist”, maybe initially it was used in a very politically correct manner as someone who has no shape, no religion, no country whose sole aim is to terrorise the community…..but these days, i am very sad to say that things which were not supposed to happen are happening….now the terrorist has a name….he has a form….he has a country….he has a religion…[:(]. The media goes a long way in expressing their views when some incident happens…again as an example take 9/11 attacks….YES…that was a very inhumane act….nobody has a right to destroy another person’s life….no religion teaches you to kill someone else….no country has a foreign policy of killing others, but look at the aftermath of those attacks. It was interpreted as an “attack on America’s Independence” and that every human being in that country was in danger; instead of safeguarding the country from within, the incident gave a great excuse to wage a war on some remote country thousands of miles away where the only thing that grew was “Opium”!!!!…..In what one can term as the futuristic approach, applying the principle of “Prevention is Better than Cure”….this world super power was on a mission to destroy the terror outfits and now some supposedly potential nuclear threats…..

What i fail to understand is the fact that we form an opinion on what others think about the issue….often there are sensitive issues such as religion, faith which are always under scanner…..take the issue related to christianity…..when the movie “da Vinci Code” was set to release there were protests all over the world….(and India especially) that it was against the religion; well maybe dan brown did or did not intend to mean that…but before we even the saw the movie or read the book, where the debate is obviously open ended it was interpreted as being against the religion. another recent issue were the remarks of Pope Benedict related to Jihad… knowlegde in things like these are very limited, but don’t you think these issues are taken too seriously??….maybe Pope misinterpreted the facts of the original conversation of the 14th century emporer Byzantine with the Islamic teacher…….and this quote from the Pope might lead to forming an opinion across sections who strictly follow his words….phew!!!…Mind is such a complex creature…you never know what thoughts crop up and what plans will be made…

Why go to all these places around the world….take our own country; how many times have we seen politicians and celebrities say that their statement has been in “Misinterpreted” or “Misquoted”…..take the example of channels like Aaj Tak, India TV, Star News….and newspapers like TOI which all boast of having a large viewership in most parts of the country….these are the things which are going to influence the mind of the reader… is really a serious issue when they write something on an incident..because love it or hate it… cannot ignore it. It hurts when media/newspapers come to their own conclusion depending on the opinions of the so called “elite” panel (i was shocked to read that the recent blasts in Mumbai were targeted mainly on Gujaratis…). Now please don’t get me wrong, but i think it is really important what you conclude after reading a report or seeing something on TV……

Let us all hope that things like these don’t effect us…..let us hope that these “misinterpretations” don’t change our lives….let us hope that they don’t change our world…..

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