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long time….

September 19, 2006

yup…it’s been a really long time since i have blogged. Blame it on my schedule; though it’s not that hectic but it definitely is kinda hard to get access to a comp…[:(]….Anyway things have changed a lot in the past few days, rather i have to see few months. Some good, some not so good…..first things first, i was pretty happy to know that all my friends have made some pretty nice jobs and also that my wing was the richest in the whole batch and Akki’s wing was pretty close too….[:)]…..hehehe….it is quite interesting rather curiousity i should say to stay in touch with all my friends in Bangalore, hyderabad and Pilani. And me in Pune which was pretty exciting in the starting few days. The city is pretty good to live in actually; it sort of has this urban India feel to it something close to Bangalore and Hyderabad. I had planned to explore the whole place in the initial few weekends and then keep the rest of the weekends aside for going to far off places like Goa, Nashik, Mumbai etc., This was until of course I realised that I was lagging behind in my prep for CAT. and everything changed in August. i began spending more time at home; made some nice friends, and mingled pretty well with a nice Tamilian family staying close to my house. And then there were my movies…..the watching spree was going in full throttle in the first few weeks and then started becoming very occasional though there was a continuous of movies through DVDs…..have to mention a point here; probably i saw some of the best Hindi movies in the past few days…starting from Guru Dutt’s “Pyaasa”, “Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam” on DVD and in Cinema Hall……loved “Omkaara” and “lagey raho Munnabhai”.
Chary has left for his MS to California, Garam to Toronto and pretty soon Apar too to some univ in England, Madhu to Germany…..after spending time with all these seniors I feel so nostalgic of all those good times…it also makes me think about the time not too distant in future when i will face a situation when i will be standing near the gate of some metropolitan Airport; and bid goodbye to friends who will soon soon leave for their job/studies. I guess everyone will have to encounter situations like these but it is the life after that which is quite puzzling without all those wonderful around. I think i am going through things like that almost everyday; not having too many people around, not much to talk about even with people whom i meet everyday. which is exactly why there seem to be too many things to talk about when you see a friend online or on the phone….alas! little do i know that they were too busy playing CS that time….hehehe….i must have disturbed so many guys who were at the peak of the level in the tournament….[:)]…..

Maybe this sentence is sort of cliche’ because every chap whom i come across says this…..these days even i have started thinking about it. we say, “It is so boring here da….i seriously want to get back to Campus”…..maybe everybody lives under the same sky and they see the same Sun and Moon…..i guess it’s a sort of feeling which is strong in each and everyone of us that makes us yearn for the college life. you may call it as “home away from home”…..but i would prefer terming it as….perhaps the only place on earth where you are the boss of your own life…you can control the dynamics of almost everything around you…and also owe a lot to those around you…perhaps the only place where you feel you own your life….you live a life. I guess the scene from the movie “Shawshank Redemption” best summarizes my thoughts; yup i am talking about the letter which the old librarian sends to his friends back in prison and also the one which Morgan Freeman explains after he is released from prison.

life is full of little surprises and it is things like these that keep you going. perhaps there is no better thing than conversing with all the little people who matter…..there is no ego….no jealously….just a pure heart to heart discussion about everything that you can come up with…..i think this is exactly what one needs to learn in college… definitely help a lot in days to come, and i can assure that it will take you places… will prevent this “there are so many boring things around” idea from cropping up every now and then to a large extent. Which leads to the latest thing going in my mind……there are days when we rarely think about everything going around us….which is in a way Ok….but then there is something called as “Ripple Effect”….and also the “Chaos Theory”…which states that an incident can occur after originating from a different incident nowhere connected to it thousands of miles away…..something like the butterfly fluttering in one part of world can cause a typhoon in another part…….this is probably the inspiration to my next story that i am writing now named…….”IT MATTERS……”.

…coming soon to your inbox……
Note: Not available in all territories (read as inbox)
Check Out your local listings for availibility….[:)]

Till then…..Good Day…..Hope you have a great time ahead……

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