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Is it worth it?

September 19, 2006

Time: 8:00 AM

Good Morning….Today’s Headlines……

>PM meets Mussharf in Havana.
>Tensions escalate in middle-east
> Angry protests over Pope’s remarks
> WI win the ODI against Aus….

Now take another channel B for example which is telecasting news at the same time…..

good morning….Today’s headlines……
>PM meets Mussharaf in Havana.
> Girls win over college administration in Chandigarh.
> Minister fined for travelling without a ticket.
> Sting operation exposes xyz in UP.
I think these are some of the common things that we come across in day to day life. what i mean to say is, how different news channels see different things as matters of national importance!!! Isn’t there a limit to all the crap that we get to see in so many news channels. Thank God there are some specialized channels like Business channels, Cartoon Network and NGC/Discovery types…..otherwise it is the same old boring crap repeated over and over again…..and then there seems to be a new trend where the common man can voice his opinion…..through SMS. recently in one of the episode of “Laughter Challenge” there was a reference to these incidents which I would like to quote here……

“On a day not too far from now….the CEO of a newschannel was unhappy that his team was not doing enough to get all those “Exclusive” videos and “Flash” news, so he comes up with a plan to boost up the viewership of his channel; to telecast an incident before it even happens!!!!”
you must be wondering how this is possible???….Let us just for few minutes imagine that the channel goes ahead with this decision and later that day there is a kidnap scheduled to happen…..a girl is to be abducted by some goons and the newschannel comes to know about this. then the incident will be something like this…..
“Good Morning…..welcome to our special show….”Kabhar se pehle kabhar” . Today we will show you the girl who is going to be kidnapped exactly 5 hours from now……see this girl carefully; she’s so young, so innocent, but she will be kidnapped by some goons without any kindness. This is an exclusive report…..let us take the opinion from the girl herself…..”Mam….mam…you are going to be kidnapped in another 5 hours…how are you feeling about this?” The Girl says,” well….i am kinda tensed, i have been told that i will be kidnapped; but they haven’t specified how and who will kidnap me. i am really very excited, but i guess i would prefer if the goons don’t use any knives because i am scared of sharp objects.”……”That was the girl who will be kidnapped in another 5 hours by goons who will not see that she’s so young and innocent….but will kidnap her in another 5 hours without any kindness…….this is XXX with Cameraman YYYY from Mumbai”.

Studio: Thank you Mr.XXXX for your update on the incident which is going to happen later today. we will stay in touch with you throughout these tense moments. You, the viewers can also participate in our show, please send in your comments and letters to this address…..”crap….crap…..crap….”….which leads to our question of the day….”What instrument will the goons use to kidnap this girl? A.Knive B.Pistol C.Lathi D.none of the above…..please remember the girl had earlier told us that she’s afraid of Knives and other sharp objects…….you can see this in our exclusive footage….(scene repeats…….scene repeats….scene repeats…….until a wise thought knocks your head to shut down the crap and change over to something worthy…..)

Well maybe this programme hasn’t yet invaded the channels, but going by the current trend that day will not be too far. I am baffled when i see the content of these so called 24*7 News channels……don’t they run out of things that they can show!!!!! I guess this is exactly why there is so much of crappy repitition and all the worthless things that are picturised as matters of national importance. Check this out……

1.In the past few days i have seen reports about a snake which was chasing a young chap apparently to take revenge on him!!!! and later it was pacified after the villagers follwed the suggestions of a Baba…!!!!
2.In a village not too far from Delhi….people believe that some ghosts have occupied the police station.
3. In a village in Gujarat, people are not allowed to sing Himmesh resshamiya’s tunes because a ghost haunts those who do it!!!!……(it is another matter that i seriously wish that ghost directly goes and sits in his studio, atleast that would prevent him from singing all that crappy songs…[:)]

and so on!!!!….In an attempt to show all these so called “exclusive” reports people go just too far to potray some of the most trivial matters as matters of national importance. it is high time we realise the job of media is just not to create sensation but also suggest/raise an issue which needs to be seriously looked upon. it is high time, that we realise that media ought to be an eye opener and not just an encyclopedia of human lives. is it really worth spending so much time getting all these things infront of people???… it really worth seeing all these sensational things???…..Is it really worth thinking about all these things???….Is it worth it???……

then an idea knocks my head and i become wise again……i switch on to HBO…..[:)]…..alas!!! has been blocked in Maharshtra for apparently showing “A” rated movies……i wonder if the high court knows that there are more number of 18+ population than the people who whom this law is supposed to protect….[:)]

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