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Da Vinci Code….

May 27, 2006

well…if you guys are eagerly looking forward to see this movie…i have few words for you…i saw it yesterday at home… know, that piracy can come good sometimes especially when there were doubts if this movie would come out at all in the first place after all that controversy….

my rating:3.5/5

we should actually thank Ron Howard, the director for making this movie..exactly the way it is in the book.but somewhere down the line you get this feeling that you are not watching a movie but some sort of documentary in discovery channel.just that there are some big names in the cast and some chasing scenes the movie is like a moving version of the book..where every detail has been carefully explained. if you have liked the book…you will like this movie too but don’t expect too much out of this moviewell, what stands out in the movie..hmmm maybe nothing at all..maybe the scene where Sophie is told what Priory of Sion is all about and the explanation about the Last supper is one exception
the movie doesn’t need Tom Hanks or the beautiful Audrey Tautou who played the lead role in…”Amelie”. because their talent doesn’t create a magic for the film…maybe it adds on to the aura of the cast. forget for a moment that you are watching Tom Hanks acting like a God in…”Cast Away” or “Terminal”…i think you should see it is…Robert Langdon who’s acting in the movie…’s a good movie…nothing controversial at all….a fast paced book well shot..and oh yeah, forgot to mention…if you thought the character of Silas was scary like how they showed in…ads…well, think again…hehehehe…

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