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the ideal 8….

March 2, 2006

well….i have been tagged by akshaya…to write about my ideal match in 8 points….i am not sure, if i will be able to justify everything that i write…but i shall try to give a honest opinion…;)

1.undoubtedly, she should be a good cook….there’s nothing better than you and your girl eating together and that too something that she has made for you….

2.she should be very caring..a teacher when i do something wrong…and be my shadow in every moment of joy and sorrow

3.linguistic, cultural and geographical differences do not bother me….sometimes that’s the beauty of life….to be able to co-exist….and i will make a sincere attempt to understand her feelings for everything…but not sure if i will be able to do it…..the mind is so complex!!!….

4.she should know what she’s doing…because i sincerely believe that talent in whatever form shouldn’t be wasted and every action of yours should define who you really are……as Steve Jobs says…in one of his speech….life is too short….don’t spend it living someone else’s life.

5.wouldn’t mind even marrying a gori from other country….i mean i have seen foreign women who look awesome in salwaar kameez in the streets of bangalore….but just for the record….i defintely have a soft corner for tamil brahmins…;)

6.should have a good taste for classical music….and if she can dance or sing or play veena/violin …then it’s an added advantage.

7.should be patient enough to bear with my unusual long breaks of silence….would be very happy is she doesn’t do anything silly to break the ice…..

8. defintely should have some similar interests…esp movies, good food, travelling….and believe that we all exist for a reason…and that reason is going to design and shape our lives and nothing can be perfect in this world…. should consider what’s the best in everything…and not find what’s wrong with everything…..

now i tag saikat (pyshco)…to carry on this discussion….

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