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February 7, 2006

“Arey yaar….ek chaai dena..” i asked Pappu today in sky lawns when a thought struck me. and after sitting under that huge tree with small leaves falling on me made me think twice…, i am not talking about the small leaves falling into my tea cup…or the dog desperately trying to grab my attention for a small piece of the burger which i was munching with so much delight. i was wondering, why the hell am i thinking so much about all these things that have been crossing my mind since the beginning of this semester. This place, BITS has given me so much, but when I sit alone and think what exactly it is….i have no clue of what it was. May be my best gift from this place is to allow me to sit quietly and think whatever I wish to. But one thing I hate about this place is that there is no time here…..but I mean in a positive sense. It feels as if there is magic in this place…time just flies here….i still remember my first day here….i still remember my first class….my first zook….my first crush….my first confession…and the list goes on….. I have made loads of friends here and I am happy that I had spent some quality time with them. I would never forget all those screaming in the wing about VT, Quake…though I never played them…J…all those wonderful movies that we 12 guys saw together in that awesome 2nd year. Enter 3rd year….i don’t know….i mean I don’t understand about all that hype about doing your CDC’s well. May be it’s your identity, it’s like your DNA….and whatever other things that you know or like…are like other cells and organs of your body. But is it really important to prove that your DNA is stronger than others??? Check this out….my first Power Plant engineering class stands out as a perfect example why people think it’s important to do well in third year of your engineering degree. My prof said…”your mechanical engineering degree is like a digit 1…and if you are good at software field…a 0 adds by the side of 1…if you have good communication skills…another 0…if you are good at any extra-curricular activities then another 0…and the list goes on….so unless you know your core things well…the rest of the things are useless….”
Three years have left me enough moments to smile for a lifetime. One day I was out for lunch with Akki and after sometime when we went to pay the bill….i was shocked to see that we were asked to pay almost double the amount…and I asked…”wow….i didn’t know that we had to pay entertainment tax in C’not….:)..” I would never forget all those amazing chat sessions and sky latchas…. Lemme tell you about some bizarre things that I was thinking……may be this is providence or coincidence….but I guess I believe in the number “7”…I am watching a telugu movie right now…and there are lyrics of a song…which literally translate as “there are seven colours in a rainbow…there are seven seas….and there are seven wonders in Bramha’s creation, there are seven swaras in music….and the seven hills are the abode of lord venkatesha….” After listening to this song….i found that I also belong to the same category…there are seven letters in my first name…!!!…..another thing that I believe in is….the letter “A”…’s in everything that I like…my parents names……me and my bro’s name…..all my friends have this letter…”A” in their names….cinemA, chocolates, chAtting…..almost everything that I like so much.

In another 18 months all this is gonna end….all these that I had so much fun with….all this that was meant to be the best moments of my life are gonna vanish right infront my

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  1. Saawan permalink
    February 13, 2006 12:51 pm

    Hey Hemanth..

    Good post! Well.. As one of ur batchmates, I do understand ur pain of leaving BITS! But, there’s more to life.. And what you said about CDC’s is not all the same! It’s neither your Degree nor your grades that define who you are. What Pohekar told in the class is a worthless piece of s***!! The days are changed.. He may be presenting his view which he might have pre-conceived! Today, all disciplines are considered the same and engineers are spread in different companies irrespective of their disciplines. Chance and luck are something which really make a difference when coupled with hardwork. Bill Gates was a college dropout and if we consider his degree to be 1 and his business and other skills as 0, he’d be all zeroes and unsuccessful! But, he’s one of the most respected man in the world. So, don’t you think of Pohekar’s analogy at all. The skills you possess are the powers you’ve and how you use your powers is upto you! The BITSian mindset has made the CDCs the DNA! Once you get outta BITS and see the world, then you’d understand that it’s your skills that are the original DNA! They are innate in you..

    That’s something I always say!

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