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September 25, 2005

Yesterday, i saw perhaps one of the best indian movie ever made. it didn’t have any naach-gaana in the rain, or the girl-guy hitting the clubs….but there was something in it which made that impact. it was the way the story was written based on the events from 1969-1975 period during Indira Gandhi’s regime that makes the difference. the movie is “hazaaron kwaishyein aisi”…which literally means “thousand wishes like these…”. it definitely comes in the line of
mr and mrs Iyer which is one of my favourites…..the story of this movie revolves around 3 characters and about their work….their passion for work and to what consequences each person faces ultimately. unless u see the movie…’s very difficult to make out what happens in the movie is right or wrong….i mean A loves B, and B loves A….C loves B but B does not love C….and A,B,C are in the same college…very good friends too… the way B is a girl here….:)

after their college….A decides to see the Real India….for some reason he chooses to go to Bhojpur, Bihar to spread the awareness among the villagers about the atrocities and bring about a revolution. so on day of the farewell party A+B=> AB…..:)….:)…and unfortunately C sees the whole thing….:(….after 4 years C is a big business tycoon with contacts all over the parliament…and one day he meets a guy…(i guess this character is based on Sanjay Gandhi’s life…) and comes in contact with the top most echelons of the government….their first confrontation is very interesting…..and there was one particular dialouge which i would like to quote…
politician: everybody is corrupted here in India.
c: i don’t agree that everybody is corrupted, but the trick is to find out who is….
there in a party C meets B….but B has married D….then we come to know that B is in regular contact with A through letters and one morning she just goes to the village in Bihar….again to have a nice time with A..(literally…to have sex with A..:)….) but somehow C manages to interrupt the holiday mood….phew…
then the whole story proceeds with lots of incidents which are the exact representation of the events which happened during emergency……somewhere in the middle of the story B leaves D and after 2 years she gives birth to a son whose father is A….but after the emergency is imposed she’s arrested by the police for having connections with the notorious naxalite of the region…that’s A. A is arrested too…and in the jail he’s beaten up and B is raped….
the story ends in a very interesting and dramatic manner…..just everything changes…..C is almost killed by the police for helping A to escape….and A realises that he has had enough and he wants to lead a happy life and takes up medicine…..and C is almost crippled for life…..but he doesn’t want to stay in a hospital, so he goes away with B who’s in the same village now…..ohhhh…
seems pretty confusing huh??…..may be…..but don’t miss this critically acclaimed movie……it’s worth watching atleast once…..but a word of caution, if you are a fun loving guy/girl…..this movie is extremely serious…..:)….
more to come……i am just dying to see probably one of the best movies released this year….”IQBAL”

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