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the SQUARE ONE gossip

September 16, 2005

yuppie…..BOSM has started and everything seems to be rushing at the current moment. i fail to understand why they had to make it for 5 days instead of 4. anyway there are no major competitions today on the first day of BOSM….except the BITS vs IIT, kanpur match…..yesterday went to gym-g to have a look around…what’s going on…..i could spot some pretty old faces too…..a guy named charan from SBMJC, bangalore…..aravind from MREC,hyd…and lot more…..though i don’t remember even a single girl who has come here….but who cares……it has never been so hot out here…..(i am talking about the oomph factor!!!……:)…:)…) there are some lovely girls here who have come here to ‘play’ and ‘cheer’ up their teams….it guess it works out for everyone….hehehe…..
it was very disappointing to see that BRAC hasn’t come this time…and so did SRCC…..both of them have some quality players especially in basketball….and both were semi-finalists last year. and the big surprise was that there were only 2 players in SBMJC guys team, basketball who had played last year….nevertheless i expect a gr8 competition from this amazing team….
i just hope it doesn’t rain for the next 4 days…otherwise i would lose every oppurtunity to build a good team who are going to take the entire responsibilty of the club…..but i wonder sometimes most of them are too busy to realise where the whole club is exactly heading to….
that’s the main reason why one has to see a leader in someone and when one gets to see that spark, he has to be well groomed and made into a fine and extremely sensible person to take on the whole world…..
yesterday i had lot of things in my mind to say to a expected crowd….but nevertheless things didn’t go as expected ….the number was too small. but there were 3 most important people whom i adore out there with me throughout the night….i just hope i get more help from others…i do understand that at one point of time it looks as if i am doing the “atlas” thing with the entire club…..but is that my fault???….i just love the work so much…..otherwise how could i make so many friends out here….how could i get introduced to all thos people who respect you???…..
i just hope things go on well…..and make some amazing friends…..and may be things will start falling into place atleast by OASIS…..
more update on matches and all the masala factor to come soon…..
till then…..heeho…..main chala

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