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September 14, 2005

the time has come now when i look back at the amazing time i had here in BITS…especially during the festivals… BOSM and Oasis and smile at what i have gained out of it…..both of them being conducted in the same semester under different secretaries attract the major attention of almost everyone around here….
today BOSM is gonna start amidst dark clouds and heavy showers, as it always does….only that this year situation looks far more serious….but it feels lovely out here just to see rain falling everywhere….it’s been so long….it’s what we have been waiting for, for such a long time. i remember everytime..everyear…it rains on the inaug day but the enthu levels never die here….people trying to cheer up the home team and wondering how many medals we are gonna this time!!!
i am just waiting to see some colleges perform out here….one of them is SBMJC, bangalore. what can i say about this amazing combination of strength and excellence…..talent is abundant and they have got everything that u can ask for from a sportsman. i am just dying to see the best basetball(b) match u can ask for during BOSM….SBMJC vs BRAC (delhi)….these two teams are the titans of baski as far as my knowledge goes…last year i witnessed an unbelivable match in the leauges….BRAC was leading till the last 5 minutes when everything turned to SBMJC’s favour and they won by 2 points. that was one of the most nerve wrecking matches ever.
this time we have got a special entry….IIT,kanpur. only 12 members are coming but the best part is they are gonna play basketball…..ohhhh!!!! can u imagine the electricity in the air if there’s a match between
IIT vs BITS…..ppl are gonna be on high… would be a question of supremacy!!!!
BOSM is fun….u get to see some lovely girls walking and playing in the ground which remains empty almost throughout the year…..i just hope we win lots of matches this time…..atleast for the effort we have put in this time. more reports coming up…..

but the bottom line is….may be this is going to be my last BOSM…:(…… it’s so hard to believe that the next year i may not be here…’s so hard to believe that i am gonna miss all the fun…but life goes on…..

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