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August 8, 2005

you are like rain in the middle of may,
sunshine on a foggy day,
you are like a glowing candle,
and have more beauty than sandal,
you are like a greeting smile from kith and kin,

the heart your i must win,
not to show others what i got,
but to THY that all odds have i fought,
and to people who have doubt,
i wanna show that all barriers i have broken,
accept me as cupid’s token.

never shall i leave your hand,
we will build on he shores of sea- castles of sand,
dreams on no man’s land,
i am neither a dude nor am i a dud,
i am just “me”
who promises to smile forever
share joy and happiness like a perennial river,

life is not a matter of day or two,
it’s a promise of eternity and fame for few,
those who have courage, fight for it,
and he shall live for ever as a man who had strong wit,
it’s only a matter of choice to choose between what u wanna be….
who’s he?……….or………..who’s he?

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