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August 8, 2005

I was so happy on your birthday and i thought the day was mine,
of war and terror there was no sign,
then all of a sudden, you gave us a massive “nine”,
and that destroyed everything that was fine.

the huge wave triggered by the massive quake,
something that can devasation make,
and millons of life in a second that could take
away with it, with all lives at stake.

a flourishing market turned into a grave,
and there was little left to save,
anly they survived who were brave,
and others were left for their little ones to crave,

everything happened in an instant, i thought i was dreaming,
but it all happened under the sunday sun that was gleaming,
and you will have a long queue outside your paradise,
because we believe that we will see you after demise.

you are only a belief among us, because nobody has seen you,
and very few are left down here who can tell us what’s true,
all we wanted is few smiles and tears for the new year
an you gave us more reasons to fear,
but wait! why am i blaming you for all devastation?
am i responsible for destruction?

few say it might be due to mining and drilling,
and the fragile environment that we are harming,
has given us a good reply,
and may be this will cause for more sincere efforts to apply,
to protect mother nature, promising a better future.

all i ask you is give us some more time,
before a devastation like this could rhyme.
because no one would be left to shed tears,
and there will be fear and panic in coming years.

please save us from your wrath,
i promise that there will be and we shall share love and warmth,
we will live like brothers and take good care of others
this is all i ask you,
please protect us and help us to mke our dreams come true.

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