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August 8, 2005

may be there have been lot of stories told,
yet there are many feelings to unfold.

sometimes i wish , i was more than a friend to her
sometimes i wish i could more to her.

the scene was perfect, and the stars were glowing bright,
yet i missed the chance and couldn’t do things right.
we think silence is gold and speech is silver,
but long before i realised that talking is clever,
the wind had blown away the precious little thing,
and there was brightness all over.

i thought i was about to lock myself in a dark room,
till a gabriel came and told me “there is still hope”.
i knew i couldn’t remove brightness,
to make my own road, but i kinda forged,
an unseen pact ro live in harmony.

sometimes i wish i should have expressed myself before it was late,
yet nature seems to like people like me,
hence it opened doors plenty or me to see,
i was gifted with a vision to see beauty,
yet i sometimes feel lonely…….so incomplete,

sometimes i wish i could cry with my head on your lap,
and then not my words but tears shall speak the truth,
that i will be always there for you,
and it’s not a matter of day or two,
but i shall love you for time infinite,
i will be always there for you like the stars and moon in the night,
and shall always care for you though i am out of sight.

sometimes……someday i hope you will realise the truth,
and smiled that there ever existed a thing like this on earth.

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