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August 8, 2005

I wanna hold your hand,
and show you a world grand.
i wanna walk along with you
and show you things few.

look at the sun,it says something to us,
quoting it as radiation we make a big fuss.

look at the moon and stars, they show something to us
terming science and maths we discard them as nothing.

i thing it’s the way God sees us,
and if something miraculous happens
we term it as a sign of Armageddon- Judgement day.
this is beacuse we have not come out of the fray.
a fray which goes on and on within us
to know who ou are , to know why you are here?

it’s so simple yet difficult to understand,
between you and me there’s only subtle bondage strand.

let’s pray that we shall forever live here,
and live without any fear,
fear of dying someday,
beacuse we will reach Him anyway….

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