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August 8, 2005

It’a party time guys! keep the party going….
don’t stop dancing, just keep your booty shaking,
party! party! party! and shake the floor,
and when it’s time to stop, just keep on asking for more,

tomorrow when you wake up everything will be different,
you will be one day older than what you are at present,
the date on the calender will be gone,
and new hopes and dreams shall born.

but somethings do not change,
like the oppressed outrage,
a soldier’s courage,
and a daily labourer’s wage.

but something is always there in heart-hope,
“let there be peace in the world”-says the pope.
to achieve that let pray for peace within ourselves,
let the weak take care of themselves,
then they will have courage to fight,
and their lives will be brighter than sun even at night.

wake up from your sleep, this is no dream,
the world is waiting for u to gleam…
wear a smile on your face, for it’s time to witness happy days.

this is a promise which God has made,
“all your worries will fade,
and you shall live happily ever after!!!!
and you shall always smile ever after!!!! “

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