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August 8, 2005

Let me tell you the story of a student,
in reading and writing he is going to be fluent.
very happy he joins a school,
and soon finds out that nothing out here is cool.
after nursery, he joins class one,
and tries his best to have fun.
because he knows after that it’s all maths and science,
and he will never have time to listen to his conscience.

time is always flying away,
to catch it in your hands there is no way,
so he is in a flow and joins others in what they do,
and follows them wherever they go.

when he is in PG, he forgets about CG,
and that’s where he lags behind,
and there’s no chance to rewind,
neverthless he looks out for a job,
his time and patience they rob,
to tell him atlast that’s there’s no vacancy,
and something can be done with loads of currency.

so he makes money by odd ways,
no matter how, he again joins the race.
a race to prove others that he is normal,
after sometime he tries to be more formal.
and then he advises others to follow him,
even though he knows that his desire to do something has gone dim.

and now he thinks about his own life,
and sings it in a sad tone playing a fife,
why didn’t he do what he wanted to do?
why couldn’t he do what he wanted to do?

the answer: may be he doesn’t know what’s the situation true?
he just followed people like us, like me and u,
so who’s the real culprit?
who is the culprit who has silenced his grit?
on pondering all we will do is blaming each other,
and never arrive at a solution better.

so the real student would be one,
who follows his dreams no matter how wrong things have gone,
who advices others not to follow his own path,
but to leave a trail on their own path,
then no one will be same again,
because nothing similar would remain.

people will do what they do,
because they know that that’s the best they could do,
and no matter how, nothing better could they do.
then there will be no question of failure,
because everyone will have a mind mature,
not to kill a killer instinct in the brain,
which is as small as a grain,
but holds the key to success,
and wisdom to assess.

such is our wonderful life,
“follow your dream and make a difference-” this is a student’s life.

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