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June 5, 2005

They come and they go…
i doubt whether they got what they had come for?
it feels so empty… feels so dark.
there’s always a search for enlightment..
there’s always a fight for betterment…

Then…there i think i saw it…my life.
and it vanished before i could feel it..
there’s so much to do…
there’s so much to go through…

Why doesn’t time stop for a moment?
just a moment to set all things right….
to see which direction is the one right…

Perhaps, then there would be no meaning of chaos,
it’s how our lives are….
and the best thing is we like it that way…
we like to be in a fray with ourselves…

At the end of the day it feels like…
it was just another day…
it’s gonna be just another night..
no one expects to see the end…
but it’s something they always fear…

i wonder what if life had come to an end..
amd start over all again…
funny….isn’t it?

may be somethings always go on….
somethings always grow on….
and maybe life is just another thing among them…

As they say”It’s your life…make it large”
Perhaps you gotta live it to tell about it…..
and life goes on and on and on…..

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