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Me, Myself and fate

May 2, 2005

We praise God and huge stories of his miracle, we create,
but always we forget to ask Him why he forgot to write for all of us same FATE.

we create good and bad and blame it on others,
we praise some and despise others,
and we most of the times hesitate to claim what’s ours
till someone comes and snatches it away from u what’s your’s.

we tend to blame it on fate,
and no one knows the exact date,
when this term was created,
we say it has automatically originated.

fate is the meaning…fate is destiny
we let that rule our lives without any scrutiny,
and today when i screwed up badly, i ask myself “was this in my destiny?”
“was it bound to happen…thanks to courtesy of fate?”

but…..fate doesn’t originate by itself,
it’s written by men who rule their own lives,
fate doesn’t originate by itself,
it’s a matrix blinding us from the reality of life.

i have to fight….fight, not until i win a battle but till i win the war
may be this day seems too far
but a day like this will come in future
and there shall be no dreams of soul torture…

flowers will bloom in happiness,
and there will be no mark of sadness.
a “sun”, will rise in a land far away from his parents,
and then he shall do nothing to them that hurts

i am waiting…i am waiting…
thinking of “one fine day”….
when i would go to a heart sinking
with a smile on my face and a hope of brighter things to come…

i shall write my own fate …. i shall challenge my own fate
till i prove that there’s no such thing that exists
which retains u from reaching u r goal
and brings dreary things to a innocent soul

the bottom line is “fate doesn’t exist…..”
but why do i believe in it????

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