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There’s something special about "MOVIES"…….

April 29, 2005

The very first thing which comes to everyone’s mind (supposedly) is that this guy is crazy. why the hell does he see so many movies? why is he wasting his time on movies….that too watching movies thrice…..sometimes even more than that.???

yes. it’s true that i am crazy about movies….i do watch movies more than twice. infact i have seen “MATRIX” (part-1)…….almost 15 times because the first 10 times i didn’t understand the concept of the movie and the next 5 times, i couldn’t stop appreciating the concept…quite an irony isn’t it?
one of my favourite lines is “the thing is, the movie was not that bad.” as far as i remember there are less than handful movies which have got a bad review from me from the long list of movies that i have seen so far. and that’s why i sometimes don’t tell my friends to see some movie even if it’s good, b’coz they do realize after staying so many days with me that i can’t give a bad review for anything.
movies have always been a part of my life…right from childhood when i would see almost 3 shows back to back in a town near my ancestral village. even now i do, each time i go there….
my dad and my’s aunt’s daughter were the first ppl whom i can proudly say inspired me in the art of watching movies… requires patience…..capacity to smile at all the comedy clips again and again…….and a good heart to say “awww…that’s so cute” when there’s a scene which u like in the movie again and again and again. a few words for one of my biggest passions….


i can quote about movies in a line,
“It ‘ moves’ ur heart.”
there’s comedy, emotion, drama, romance….
there’s joy, happiness, sorrow, tears…
there’s LIFE.

it’s not about a boy and a girl dancing in the rain under the trees,
it’s the way we see pursue things.
i see it as a writer singing praises of his imaginary lady,
though the words most of the time turn out to be quite hmmmm….indecent ones…
and some see it as a waste of time……

it doesn’t matter what we think?
or does it?
we teach our children what’s good and bad…
but do we teach them how to do it and when to do the right thing?

life is it just the way we see it…
but sometimes it turns out to be someone is guiding us all the while.
they say movies are inspired from real stories,
and some say movies inspire real stories.
and the discussion goes on…

they say there’s nudity in movies,
but they also say it’s bold….it’s the passion inside u.
so it boils down to what u think of this and that.
and follow things by u r gut.

that’s why movies are so important,
they replicate the past,
predict the future
and depict the present.

it’s stylish, heart felt and amazing creation
which sometimes leaves us spellbound…
the whole thing is for just these magical words….

u may say this is stupid….it’s only for entertainment
thing again…..sometime..someday u will come across something similar to a scene from a movie
and say…”deja vu”….i saw this in that movie.
that’s the power of movie….
it has some godlevel fundas…..gr8 code breakings…
it’s fun…but it gives us a hope…
“everything that’s shown is possible,
may be not now…but someday in future
or was someday in past”

that’s the power of movies….sometimes it’s it weakness too…..
that’s all what i wanted to say….a few words for one of my biggest passions.

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