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The final conflict

April 29, 2005

this has been the major question which we ask ourselves. is this what we are destined to become? sometimes, it feels as if we were not made for this. yet, we are the part of the game, which seems to be going nowhere. life is all about conflicts and solutions everywhere, everytime. some fight for their share and others compromise. this is what we do, at school, college, homes …. offices …. at every walk of life.
there have been innumerable references in history in this aspect. one very good example could be the partition between india and pakistan. we compromised, because we cared for millions who were being mercilessly massacred. and now we are fighting from the madness of few fanatics. and we talk of brighter days to come. that’s the exact point which drives us forward to a glorious future. this has what helped us to steer ahead from the dark days. hope…
the whole point boils down to the way u see the world…..the way u see things. if u see a rose and not the thorns, perhaps it’s the most beautiful thing, but at the same time only thorns….it would spoil the whole idea of it being beautiful…few good men have managed to convert their destiny into reality…i too would want to do that. but the worst part is the future is so hazy that i can’t see where i am going, i can’t see where i am destined to. as they say…it’s u r actions which speaks volumes….perhaps i am in search of one such oppurtunity to prove myself or atleast i can show i am worth it. “trust”….is one of the most important thing in life. it’s like the pillar in every action that involves a group…a company….and even u. u gotta trust u r self that u r worth it…and this is what u were destined to do..and i am gonna change it into reality.

once upon a time i dreamt of something….
i thought that was my destiny.
atlast i am left with nothing,
this is my reality.

once upon a time i was prepared to take on the world,
and was ready to take decisions bold,
but now all this seems so old,
my hands run cold,
and my head is full of stories untold.

once upon a time i lived like a king,
everyone thought , gr8 harmony i would bring.
and now i can feel my dreams withering away,
for things unimaginable i am making way.

the only thing which holds me now is hope,
sometimes i feel as if i am on dope,
sometimes i feel in darkness i grope,
and world says that with itself i need to cope.

no, i am not a loser,
i am just one- step closer
to realise my destiny
which i wanna see as my reality

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