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I have scaled a new height…….

April 29, 2005

After six hours of writing my first comprehensive examination of 4th semester, i finally felt as if i will never ever forget the good…bad….worse experiences of this course called “measurement techniques-II” …….so a few words of what all we did…..

what a nightmare it has been so far,
thinking of which i can only stare.

we toiled in the sun,
with water and clay we had fun.
we saw circiuts blow up
and even broke machines worth lakhs..

we had fun , we had joy
we “created” couples,
and it looks like as if the whole thing’s gonna be real
three hours of hardwork a day and 30 minutes of copying is what we did,
though few really struggled for the all the mistakes to get rid.

but is it what we were supposed to learn,
i mean we did really do few things here,
but what happened today!!…is it what we really earn?
were we destined to get screwed?

you could feel the pain on our faces,
smile and joy on few faces had some traces,
and the rest….we had expected the whole thing to be rod,
but the ultimate destruction was so broad.
that i feel…”is it worth it?”

they say it’s important, and is of f***ing 4 units,
and the only way where few good men loose their 10,
and the rest crave to make a good grade.
there’s nothing wrong with what we did.
but why?….but why?

atlast today after 6 hours of close encounter with satanic wave
of course in the form of an exam
i can breathe some air and say loudly,
i scaled a new height,
and i will be gone far from sight
atleast from the circuits
though the huge f***ing machines will be my new lab
with my old godamn f***ing screwing up vivas
from ppl who think they are “it”…
and can torture the poor guy’s soul…..

i am coming….i am coming
only time is gonna decide who’s gonna be the “LAST MAN STANDING”
in days to come…..
may the Almighty be with us through the dark hours
and shower love and happiness and give us good memories
b’coz these are some of the few things that we need to keep for

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  1. Abhilash Ravishankar permalink
    April 29, 2005 11:51 pm


    That was a gr8 tribute to MT-2, mate !
    Yes, we did ‘create’ couples.
    But gr8 men wont lose their grades, they just try to act smart. People like us will , thats it!!

    Be the last man standing !


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