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April 27, 2005

here’s a story which i had written few days back….i hope u will like it.

“Mom I am home.” I said to myself after a long day at school. The very thought of reaching home was so refreshing that I used to forget that I had toiled hard at school. For me and my brother home meant great food, T.V and some fighting between us

“Manish and Aashish, you are early today! What happened? Did they leave you early?” mom asked us. Probably she didn’t know that we had a habit of gaping widely at the huge billboards displaying ads of new movies. We used to discuss about the movie, gorgeous girls and cool gadgets while walking from the bus stop to our home in the second floor in almost a secluded apartment in the suburb of the city.
“Mom what have you cooked for us today?” we asked as we rushed in, to taste what mom had cooked for us.
She never liked it and said,” Both of you, out of here! Boys shouldn’t come inside here like this, it’s not good manners!”
But we always managed our share..,” mama, please mama, just one piece, another piece this will be the last piece.”
“Hey guys leave something for your dad.” And then she would push us out of there. And as usual it was T.V time.
My brother was only two years younger to me, so we always had something in common though not anything seriously major one. And you know what teenagers have in common!! . And then we finished our homework which we rarely did after coming from school. But somehow we just had our own ideas, I wanted to see “matrix” probably for the 15th time and he “Know your star”, a chat show in a popular channel.

“No, I came here first. Give me the remote!”
“Who said? I don’t care, I am elder to you, and you should obey me.”
“I don’t even care if you are elder.”

I couldn’t keep quiet, but couldn’t do anything either though I was red. I was just staring at him, at the deep scar just above his eye, which reminded me of the freaky incident. I pushed him onto razor sharp steps and he fell right over and began bleeding. I still know I didn’t mean to do it, but it happened. He was only 4 at that time and that still hurts me. Finally I said, “Alright let’s settle it for wrestling. What do you say?”
“Ok, I give up, let’s see something before mom takes charge and turns on her typical saas-bahu crap!”
We took our places and I have to say, this was one particular show which we wouldn’t miss at all even though if there’s an exam the next day. We were half through the show when the phone rang; it kept ringing, and ringing.

“Manish, pick up the phone”, mom began to lose it and shouted from the kitchen. I didn’t want to get up from my seat. I was so immersed in watching the show. I jumped and answered the call. It was my friend who was asking for my rank in board exams. “Dude, I made it. What about you?” We talked for sometime and I finally said, ”Now I got something important going on here. Seeya tomorrow.” I still had one exam left after my board exams were completed and that’s why I was going to school. Mom was now sitting outside in the balcony looking at the huge buildings being built on either way of the road. But I knew she was waiting for dad to come home, she was worried about his health. He hadn’t been well mentally because my grandmother had passed away just a year ago.

Talking about my grandmother, my dad was the eldest among the siblings. He loved her so much that he always had put aside some share of his meager monthly income to send to her though mom would seriously resist. On the last day of her life in hospital she was craving to meet her son who was living 500 miles away and later died, with her last wish still unfulfilled. This incident shook him so much that he was often noticed to have spent hours in silence with his eyes staring on the files.

Suddenly mom got up from her chair. We knew it was dad who was coming on his old scooter which made a typical sound. He came in and drank a glassful of water and directly went to sleep.

………to be continued

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