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musings of a blank mind…..

April 27, 2005

i never ever thought that one fine day i will be blogging like this. i did consider lot of times to do this, but there were three ppl who inspired me to make a concious effort to do this. first of all i wanna thank abhilash and ravi chandra who have forced this idea of blogging right from the beginning. then it was jenny, who lives in Long Island, NY whom i met recently on orkut. and then it was anshie (check out her blog…. her blog named “reflections” has inspired me a lot to start my own blog. one of the main reason being i could identify myself with all that anshie had written in the blog…though i have never spoken to her…i wish her a happy life whole heartedly…..and talking about jenny….i just recently met her on orkut…and believe me ppl she’s one of the most wonderful women i have come across so far. it’s so difficult to find someone who’s so interested in knowing the other person and her love for india and the culture here….jenny, if u r reading this posting…i wanna thank u whole heartedly my dear friend….and …
have a nice day, keep smiling. that’s the best thing u can do for urself….

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